Retail Shelf Pusher Tray

GLD manufactures a variety of conventional retail pusher trays, they are wildly used for cigarettes, boxed snacks, beverages & drinks, cosmetics, and medicine, etc.

GLD pusher tray features easy assembly, adjustable width, reconfigurable, transparent or white color, versatile. Raw Materials include PC, ABS, PVC, Nylon, PS, 301 stainless steel, etc.

Use GLD pusher tray to push your business forword

There are integrated pusher trays and combined pusher trays in GLD. Integrated pushers include 4 in 1, 3 in 1, 2 in 1, and single series, they are directly formed from the injection. Combined pusher trays need to be assembled by parts like dividers, front stopper, pusher, etc.

GLD produce all kinds of cigarette pusher trays, used for pushing general-size or slim-size pack cigarette. They are easy to assemble and width-adjusting, The depth range from 170-700mm.


Cosmetic & Vape Pusher

GLD also make small-width shelf pusher, especially for cosmetic or vape pushing, they feature crystal clear and are easy to assemble. The width includes 14mm, and 18mm. The width can be easily adjusted


Customized Shelf Pusher

We can customize your ideal pusher trays based on your requirement, including color, size, plastic material, packing method, even pushing force, etc. GLD has specialized in shelf pushers for over 10 years.


Divider Rail Pusher

GLD is the original manufacturer of shelf pusher trays, we can supply all of the parts of pushers, including dividers, T-rails, Front-stoppers, variable force springs, etc. High quality & affordable price.

GLD: The Professional Supplier of Shelf Pusher Tray

GLD is the leading manufacturer of shelf pusher trays in China for over 20 years, we produce various pusher trays and they are wildly used in retail stores like chain stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, corner stores, etc.

Our pusher trays include the innovational glide or roller beverage pushers and conventional pushers like integrated pusher trays, combined pusher trays. You can directly choose our standard product, this can greatly save your cost and time. You also can customize your ideal pusher trays, just tell us your ideal or send us your drawing design.

As for colors, you can choose white, black, and transparent in normal, you can also customize your own color. We can provide several kinds of plastics for choosing like ABS, PVC, PS, Nylon, POM, PC. They have different characteristics, you can consult our expert for more information.

With a plastic injection factory, spring factory, and assembly line at hand, we can finish your order on time even in the busy season and can save much money for no middle man.

Besides the pusher trays, GLD also produces acrylic racks, constant force springs, power springs, variable force springs, wheel reels, etc. In short, we can supply a one-stop solution in the spring-loaded pusher trays.


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