Expert Manufacturer of Bottle Pusher Since 2002

GLD can manufacture all kinds of bottle pushers and be available for customization.


Bottle Pusher system

GLD produces various bottle pusher systems, which can push bottle volume up to 1.5L (52oz), the minimum width is 53mm.

Our bottle pusher can be used to push beers, drinks, juice, milk, wine, water, etc.

With all done in-house, we can supply the bottle pusher at a competitive price and high quality.

Use GLD bottle shelf pusher system to Enhance your brand

GLD manufactures a variety of spring-loaded bottle shelf pusher glides, the length starts from 300mm to 600mm (due to the pushing force of springs), the width of the pusher is divided into 53mm and 64mm.

There are two kinds of dividers for bottle pushers in GLD, there are plastic dividers and one-layer or two-layer zinc-plated iron wire, for large volume bottles, we recommend using the divider of two-layer zinc-plated iron wire in the bottle pusher glide organizer.




Our bottle pusher system can push various bottles which bottle diameter starts 53mm, the maximum volume up to 1.5L or 52oz.


We also supply the customization service, from the pushing force to color even function added like positioning and slow down damper, etc.

GLD: The Preferred Manufacturer of Bottle Shelf Pusher System

GLD has been in the shelf pusher industry for over 20 years, we have produced hundreds and thousands of shelf pusher products and served over 2000 customers all around the world.

We produce conventional and innovative bottle pusher glides and have got several patent certificates, we can supply you not only the pusher products but also the improvement suggestion based on our rich experience and powerful R&D ability.


You can get the high effective-cost bottle pusher glide organizer from GLD. Because we master the whole production process of pusher manufacturing, which covers tooling making, plastic injection, spring manufacturing, assembly, testing, and packaging. At the same time, the quality can be assured because of the unified quality management.

You can get a high customization service from us, including pushing force, raw material, color, length, width, even the functional and structural changes. Just tell us the idea or drawing design, our savvy engineer will help you make it real.

Customize Your Bottle Shelf Pusher System In GLD

Customize your bottle pusher system in the professional shelf pusher manufacturer, let GLD help you enhance the sales force and shopping experience.



GLD R&D team can help realize your idea via 3D drawing, just tell us your idea or drawing design, our savvy engineer can help you make it real.



GLD can help you make the prototypes quickly, our rich experience engineer can realize your idea via 3D printer or hand-made. Boost your start-up quickly.



Tooling is the preliminary step before mass production. GLD has a professional team to make the tooling, they can do it done quickly high quality.


Plastic Injection

Plastic injection is the crucial step in the bottle pusher mass production, GLD has the experienced team to help you handle it, just let the professionals do it.


Springs Manufacturing

You can customize the pushing force of the bottle pusher because of the in-house spring factory.  GLD can help you realize your ideal pushing force.



In GLD, we have a professional assembly line, this not only can help assemble the bottle shelf pusher but also the wheel reels, retractable reels, etc.



Testing is a vital process in the whole production, this can assure the quality of the bottle pusher. GLD will these each patch products before packaging.



Packaging is the last step before shipping, GLD has many ways to package, just want to ensure you get the bottle pusher organizers tidy and intact.

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