Beverage Organizer Pusher Glide

GLD manufactures various types of fridge drink organizer pushers, including innovative beverage pusher glide and conventional pusher glide. They can be used for pushing cans or bottles coke, juice, soda water, beer, wine, etc.

GLD beverage pushers feature easy assembly, fashionable appearance, solid structure, reconfigurable, etc.

Let GLD beverage shelf pusher glide to rocket your business

GLD supplies innovative beverage pusher glide and conventional shelf pushers. They are wildly used for pushing drinks, beverages, wines, beers, soda water, juice, milk, etc.

GLD can produce a variety of drink organizer pushers, with the depth range from 140mm to 700mm, adjustable width, customize pushing force (in-house spring factory), and white or black color, take a glance at the video below.


Beverage Shelf Pusher System

GLD beverage pusher system features easy assembly and is reconfigurable, can easily adjust due to the size of your refrigerator or cooler. Available customization.


Innovative Beverage Pusher Glide

Innovative beverage pusher glide is our patent products, it is design for bottle or can beverage or beer and wine, the minimum width is 53mm, volume up to 1.5L.

Conventional beverage pusher features competitive price, easy assembly, reconfigurable, variable pushing force. It’s great for small-volume beverages.

GLD also supplies beverage pusher parts like dividers (plastic or iron wire), rails, variable force spring/ constant force springs, front stopper, damper, etc.

GLD: The Innovative Manufacturer of Beverage Shelf Pusher Glide

GLD has produced various types of beverage pusher glide, they can be used for pushing a variety of beverages include canned and bottled, these beverage pusher glide can be easily assembled in the fridge, cooler, merchandise shelf, vending machine, etc.

Our beverage pusher glide can push the maximum volume up to 1.5L or 52oz, the minimum width of conventional pusher glide is 36mm, innovative pusher glide is 53mm, they can be used for pushing wine, coke, soda water, juice, drinks, and beverage.

You can get the full customization service from GLD, including the raw material, structure, pushing force, divider, color, size, packaging types, etc.
just tell us your requirements, our engineer and technician will help you make it real.

Besides the beverage pusher glide, we also provide can pusher, cosmetic pusher, tobacco pusher, drinks pusher, boxed snack/ food pusher, etc. They can be used in corner stores, supermarkets, liquor/ wine stores, vending machines, etc.

GLD masters the whole production of beverage pusher glide

From engineering to packaging, GLD master the whole production of beverage pusher glide. This will not only save you money but also facilitate the management of lead time and quality control.

You can know the status of your orders at all times via images or online video by our sales specialist.



During the engineering stage, you can give your idea or suggestion, our savvy engineer can help you realize it, from structure to function, you will have an R&D team at hand.



During the prototyping stage, our technician can help you realize your idea quickly. Before mass production, we may go through several versions before confirmation. 



After the prototype’s confirmation, we will prepare for mass production. The tooling will be the most cost-effective way to realize it, which normally will take 15-30 days.


Plastic Injection

After the tooling stage, we will start the mass production for the plastic parts, which include spring house, roller, divider, front stopper, etc. Plastic injection is worth to well scheduled.


Springs Manufacturing

At the same time as plastic injection, our springs manufacturing is also ongoing. Our spring factory can produce various types of constant force spring and variable force spring. 



Assembly is one of the most costly areas because it needs much labor, we need to put the spring into the house and then assemble it to the pusher, then prepare the rail, divider, front stopper, etc.



While assembling, the testing is also ongoing, each patch of beverage pusher glide will have lifespan testing, salt spray testing, vibration testing, fatigue testing, etc.



After the assembly stage, we will package all of the pusher systems, they need to be tidy and solid, PE bag, bubble bag, and foam will be used in the packaging, just to ensure intact.

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